From Toddler to Teen #3

From the starting of Bobs life in December, he has done most of his sprouting throughout the winter break. Concluding this, his growth hasn’t increased as much from January 4, 2010 to January 8, 2010.

Quantitative Observations:

  • Bob is still a healthy green in colour and the white in the root has gone greener.
  • The three growing leaves have increased in growth while the curve has straightened out.
  • The texture is the same as his life time from baby to toddler. The beginning of the stem is the most strongest part of Bob.

Quantitative Observations:

  • Length: 20.4cm
  • Width(top): 0.3cm
  • Width(bottom): 0.8cm

Anatomy & Physiology of Bob’s Growth:

  • The Leaves are used in the plant to absorb oxygen into the plant increasing the growth with the light. The leaves are the main source of photosynthesis to help the plant grow and be a success in growth.
  • The Stems are used to transport water and nutrients throughout the plant and to provide structure to the plant.
  • The roots are what absorbs the water in the soil and absorbs the nutrients that are produced in the soil. The roots are what anchor the plant into the soil and they help transport the water and nutrients into the stem and into the leaves.


Plant Growth #3

Plant Growth #3

In my previous posts I described the details of each separate function of the plants anatomy.

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  1. I am thoroughly impressed with your work Julie! Keep it up!

    Mrs. McComb

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